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Help/Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the help section here at FoodDevil.com

FoodDevil.com is a community dedicated to helping others take care of themselves and to help each other lose weight and keep it off. The FoodDevil itself is a program designed to allow you to track the foods you've eaten for the day and to get a glimpse of your total caloric intake.

The forums are a place for users to discuss dieting, fitness, nutrition, and everyday life. Feel free to look around and read the topics. We encourage you to join us and participate. While participation is optional, we feel it's in someones best interest to become one of the community for support and success. Going it alone is not an easy task.

If you have an article you've wrote concerning dieting or nutriton and would like to see it published on this website please contact us and if we feel it's good enough we'll add it to the site.